Monday, April 13, 2009

The Trimmings

I was strongly encouraged to prepare Shirley's Cheesy Potatoes and I must say they go well with ham! The preparation is easy and can be started the day before serving so that is a bonus. The original recipe called for plain cheddar cheese but we long ago decided that taco cheese gave the dish a little pizazz! There is also sour cream, butter, and onions in the dish.

Easter and carrots seem to go together and when your husband offers to help prepare them you can't go wrong. Glazed carrots were the choice and all it takes is a little butter and brown sugar after the cooked carrots are drained. A little parsley cluster never hurts and I always sprinkle a little salt, pepper, and dill on top!

The roll recipe came from a Lutheran Brotherhood magazine some 35-40 years ago. My Mom found the recipe and started making rolls and now I have been making them for about 37 years. Good grief, could it be that many years? Several years ago, because of medical issues, I made the rolls using skim milk and they were fair, but certainly not great. So we are back to using whole milk in the rolls and furthermore we don't have them on a regular basis.

The pineapple topped salad was made by our oldest daughter and it was very tasty! I believe it consists of crushed pineapple, Cool Whip, coconut pudding and it has that fluffy consistency! The pineapple rings and cherries carried out the party theme!

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