Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Heart

I started with off-white wool felt and cut out a small heart and then started cutting out various sized flowers in spring colors. As you can see, I blanket-stitched a narrow green felt heart shaped piece of felt just inside the larger felt piece. To attach the flowers, I decided to leave them dimensional so just sewed them on with beads in the center of each. Wool felt leaves were cut out and attached with DMC floss and for a more realistic touch a little "vining" was added. When I blanket-stitched the piece together I added a pale pink ribbon for hanging and included some lavender with the polyfil. Perhaps this project will remind us that spring is near!!!


  1. We are supposed to get up to 62 today, so I hope you are right about Spring:) I love the idea of adding lavender in the pillow...very relaxing!

  2. Dale ----how cute, you are so good at putting colors together...

  3. As always, beautiful!! You have a real talent and it's fun to see you sharing it :) I love you....