Friday, April 24, 2009

Published, I am!!!

I recently received the happy news that Gooseberry Patch had chosen my Confetti Coleslaw recipe to be published in their new Summer In The Country cookbook.

If you are not familiar with Gooseberry Patch, I would suggest you check them out at surely will be worth your time. Vicki and JoAnn are the founders and their story is most inspiring! Their wide array of "goods" will delight you!

The Confetti Slaw is very easy to prepare and I generally serve it in one of my prized crystal bowls with a spray of sliced green onion (lengthwise) to serve as the stem of a flower. The flower can consist of mandarin oranges or the real deal (pansies, nasturtiums, or little viola's). When I think of coleslaw I immediately think picnic and a crystal bowl doesn't go well at a picnic but my husband doesn't care for outdoor dining so our "picnic's" are hosted inside. No bugs for him!!!

Anyone can submit recipes to Gooseberry Patch and I would encourage you to do so...if your recipe is chosen you receive a free cookbook and the bonus of feeling most confident in yourself!

I will publish more pics later...too nice to be in the house (with dial-up, very slow speed internet). On my way outside-maybe I will have a picnic lunch on the deck-by myself!


  1. You really need to post the recipe!! It is always one of our Summer favorites, and it is really cool that you have been published AGAIN!!

  2. Mom, you did it again! We're so proud of you and what a great recipe! People always love that coleslaw (I know I do!) and the best part is that it comes together so easily. So are you already thinking about what recipe will be next? :)