Monday, April 27, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake

I had a few strawberries in the fridge and wanted to use them before they went bad so decided to make some baking powder biscuits (using my Grandma Bessie's recipe)! The strawberries just aren't the best yet, but come the end of June our local berries will be ripe and oh so good and juicy!

It is a tradition, passed down from Grandma Bessie, to pour (yes, pour) whipping cream over the strawberry shortcake and my oh my is it a tasty treat. My husband and two sons-in-law don't pour the cream over their shortcake, just plain for the men! We girls, on the other hand, go for the high fat cream with absolute delight!

The shortcake is topped off with a garnish of homegrown mint and a little violet.

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