Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Dinner Grand Finale'

Getting a good photo of the grand finale' proved to be quite difficult to say the least. This taste treat started with a chocolate cake made in a springform pan then cooled completely. Then I melted chocolate and spread on a long piece of waxed paper that was doubled (trying to make it the same size as the circumference of the cake-lenghthwise). I attempted to scallop the edges but found that I needed some practice. This strip was allowed to set up a bit and while it was on the counter I started making the chocolate mousse mixture. The mousse mixture needed to cool to room temperature. Then I placed the chocolate edging on the cake, leaving the waxed paper attached until serving time. I didn't calculate the heighth of the cake correctly so the chocolate edging is too high. Very carefully I placed the mousse inside the chocolate edging, on top of the cake. Then that went in the fridge while I busied myself melting more chocolate and on a waxed paper lined large cookie sheet I drizzled very thin "pieces" of chocolate first this way and then that way...this was my future birds nest. That was allowed to set up until serving time. With dinner over the masterpiece was on my mind...I made some whipped cream and placed on top of the mousse layer and then placed a Peep in the middle of the mound of whipped cream. I placed Robin's Eggs around the Peep and then started taking the "twigs" off the waxed paper and placing them all around the cream, making a fun little nest. I would like to make this again, perfecting it a bit the next time around!

May I mention that my husband purchased a Wilton Chocolate Pro (melting pot) for me and believe me it is worth the money. Actually he picked it up at Jo-Ann's for less than twenty dollars.

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  1. Wow! That is so beautiful. It is even cooler than you described over the phone:) (This is Coco by the way)