Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Decor'

It is always enjoyable to dress up the house for spring and Easter and as you can see the shelf above the door that leads to the deck is perfect for such.

This year I chose to display some faux spring flowers along with some star pillows that I created from wool felt. There are three pillows on display although they are not all visible in this particular photo. One star is done on white wool felt with pink tulips that are blanket-stitched on, while another pillow is done on pink wool felt with an adorable chick also blanket stitched on. The third pillow, that you are not able to see is done on a green wool felt with a bunny rabbit stitched on.

As my husband would share, there are four large "bins" full of spring-related "things"! To me they are treasures, much like everything in HIS BARN (HIS RULES, you know). And speaking of treasures, I count him as a very special one!

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