Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alfred's New Outdoor Home!

How exciting that my husband made Alfred a home...that template proved to be all he needed to complete the house! It seems to me that there is a lot of love on Banktson Road for Alfred!

The roof is not finished yet, perhaps it will have hinges so that the roof can be removed for replacing the carpet once in awhile. The hubby went to Walenta's and got the piece of carpet, can you believe that?

I was thinking that maybe the house should be painted and a cute little name-plate attached to the front!

An attempt to get Alfred in the house was made using treats but he didn't stay in there but a second (long enough to get most of the treats). It is raining out this evening so perhaps he will initiate his new "digs" tonight!

Kudo's to the carpenter!!!


  1. You did a fine job making a house for Alfred, all it needs is shuters and a paint job-- and maybe a name plate..

  2. Hmmm....looks pretty good to me, but it does make me wonder -- if you're that good at building a home for a cat, it seems that the basement trim job could be done with your eyes closed. Right Answerman?! :) Seriously though, it was very nice of you - I always knew you were a softy for a cute cat. "Mokey" says hello!!!!! :)

  3. Did you tongue & groove that baby or did you go with the standard butt joint?

    -Jack of All Trades