Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cherry Chicken Wraps

Have I mentioned that Michigander's are experiencing a very hot and humid summer? I don't mean to complain because winter is often long and dark but suffice it to say...spending time in a hot kitchen isn't always the best choice when the weather consists of heat and humidity.

So it is a good thing, as Martha would say, to stock the kitchen with some easy-fix dinner ingredients.

I generally have chicken tenders in the freezer and they thaw in record time so I chose to start there for our dinner. In perusing the cupboards, I found flour tortilla's and a light went off in the head...cherry chicken wraps would be quick, easy, and light!

I fried the tenders quickly in olive oil, setting them aside to prepare the veggies.
Chopped tomatoes, green onions, romaine lettuce, and dried cherries were prepared and set aside.
The flour tortilla's were warmed briefly in the microwave and spread with a doctored up Hellman's mix (Hellman's mayonaise & honey mustard to taste)
Then I simply started adding the veggies and chicken and sprinkled a little grated cheese on top, wrapped the tortilla tightly to hold everything in and there was dinner.

I did serve some Hawaiian Chips with the wraps and had a small bowl of fresh Michigan fruit to round out the menu.

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