Monday, August 23, 2010

Peach Martini Cupcakes

Yet another Family Throwdown...just we three ladies signed up for the fruit dessert event yesterday. Caribe made a delicious peach cobbler with a maple glaze, Courtney made a beautiful layer cake with a peach filling, and I made Peach Martini Cupcakes!!!!

The idea for these fun little peach martini cupcakes was not my original idea but that of Hoosier Homemade and she was inspired by the authors of Hello, Cupcake! What in the world did we do before blogs?

As you can see the cake batter is baked right in the martini glasses (that Courtney picked up for me at the Dollar Tree). I used a white cake mix that I doctored up a bit and added fresh, diced peach's to. I filled the glasses about 1/2 full with the batter and placed on a large cookie sheet in a pre-heated oven (325 degrees) and baked for about 23 minutes. I did grease the glasses a bit before adding the batter.

Allow the glasses to cool completely on wire cooling rack.

Now comes the fun a bit of water in a bowl or on a plate and carefully dip the edge of glass (a little at a time) in the water and then dredge in sugar. When this is complete it is time to open a can of store purchased cream cheese frosting...remove from can and place in a bowl that is microwave safe. If desired, color the frosting with your color choice (mix thoroughly). Place in microwave for 10-15 seconds. This allows the frosting to get quite fluid and now spread on the cupcakes.

You can allow your creativity to shine on this particular project...little paper umbrella's are a cute touch. I also had candies and straws on hand but didn't want to over-power the presentation.

Our family has enjoyed the Throwdowns this summer so much that we are going to continue having them once a month.


  1. Why on earth didn't you mention that you reigned supreme???? The cupcakes were so cute and I think you could do so many different things with them:)

  2. I am stunned that you can put glass in the oven and they don't shatter. I love that idea.

  3. When you turn it upside down to put sugar on the rim does the cupcake fall out since you greased it? And then you put it back in?