Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot Dog Wraps???

This past Sunday, three of our family members participated in a hot dog throwdown...Matt came out on top with his version of a delicious coney dog. Tyler took second place with a hot dog topped with coleslaw and I brought up the rear with a hot dog wrap! Yes, a hot dog wrap...interesting!

Ben stopped by Paradise Meats in Kingsley last week and purchased quite a selection of meats, including butcher made jalapeno/cheddar hot dogs. In thinking about presentation, I decided to think outside the box (or bun in this case). While grocery shopping I spotted some chipotle chili pepper tortillas and placed them in the cart...why wouldn't hot dogs be tasty in a wrap?

Condiments interesting and delicious hot garlic pepper jelly (a gift from Stella), caramelized onions (prepared & canned by Coco), shredded romaine, chopped green onions, goat cheese, french fried onion rings (in the can), potato sticks, chopped tomatoes, chopped bacon and a mustard relish (a gift from Kathy).

I put the works on my hot dog wrap and found it to be quite a treat...I do think that I should have cut the wrap in half before placing the "goods" on but all in all I enjoyed the creation!

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