Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Modified Cookie Plate!

A good number of years ago (perhaps 25) a group of ladies at church hosted coffee hours around special occasions, such as Confirmation and also holiday's!!! Oh what fun we had planning and carrying out every last detail.

Pictured above is what we called a cookie plate...I had seen a magazine photo of a cardboard circle covered in fabric and I had a little brainstorm...and the plans began for an Easter coffee hour.

This particular Christmas cookie plate generally makes an appearance sometime during the holiday season!

The fabric is a Christmas plaid taffeta and as you can see it doesn't just have to "house" can be a table centerpiece!

I believe I asked Ben to cut me one dozen 12" circles out of wood for that Easter event and I went about purchasing fabric...I used mostly spring colors!

I cut the fabric circles about four inches larger than the wood...placed the wood circle on top of the fabric and determined where the ruffle would be attached...this took some patience...I cut a 6" wide strip of fabric to measure about two times around the circle. Fold the strip in half and ruffle the edge to fit around the circle. Sew the ruffle to the circle of fabric making certain that the ruffle is placed just under the edge of the will just look nice and finished! You will have about three inches of fabric left and now fold the edge under a bit and lay carpet thread over the turned under edge and zig zag all around the edge making sure to leave the ends free. When this is completed, place the wood inside the fabric and carefully pull on the ends of carpet thread and gather snuggly, finally tie the ends together and tuck the excess inside.

One Christmas I made Christmas cookie plates for Caribe & Courtney's teachers and instead of cookies I made Sweedish Tea Rings...I placed a pretty doiley on top of the plate and that was a pretty presentation!


  1. Those always remind me of coffee hour and the fun aprons you made for everyone to wear! Maybe you should make one for the Mag-in-ator's birthday:)

  2. Thank you, Coco, for commenting! Speaking of the aprons, I did take a picture of the intial apron and the Christmas one as well, maybe I will post them! I am glad that you have fond memories of the coffee hours, special times with wonderful people, for sure!