Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tribute to Zip!

Twelve years ago (June, 1996) a dear friend of our family passed on and the memories we have of her live on!

This particular ornamental flowering cherry tree was purchased by Zip and her husband Bob as a gift to us and he even planted it in our front yard. At the time Zip was hospitalized with cancer taking its toll on her and the treatments left her so weak but she called me the day that Bob planted the tree and we had a nice visit. She made it home from the hospital but was very ill...she always managed a smile and a few words though. Her name for me was Elizabeth (which is my middle name). I visited her the day before she passed and the following morning I had an appointment to pick up a graduation order for Coco and at the end of our road I debated whether I should go to Zip's first or head to Traverse City to get the food as it was pretty early in the morning. I opted to go and get the food...bad decision on my behalf as Zip passed while I was gone.

Both Zip and Bob are now resting in peace and enjoying good health but I sure do miss them. Bob always delivered corn stalks to me for fall decorating and they provided us with the best raspberries around. Another fruit that was always delivered to our doorstep was talamon (spelling unknown) sweet apples that I used for sauce or dipping in caramel.

My Mom, myself, Zip, and her son Frank walked to Bible School in the summer (about four miles) because the menfolk had the vehicles. We also walked to Frankfort and fished out on the pier and Bob took me ice fishing on Crystal Lake in the winter. Oh the memories and how special they are!

One other vivid memory is of Zip giving me a permanent the day before school pictures and believe me I was a curly headed sixth grader!

We love you Zip (and Bob)!

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  1. What a nice story:) You get to look out the window every day and think of Zip and Frip...we were so lucky to have them in our lives.