Saturday, May 9, 2009

Asparagus/Mushroom Tarts

When I saw the asparagus/mushroom tarts on the Good Things Catered blog I just knew I must try them. I thought I would use fresh Michigan morels from our very own woods but day after day my husband went out shrooming with his mighty fine shroom bag and arrived home with an empty bag and a puzzled look on his face. This is the second year that he has had no luck finding the morels and we can't figure out what the problem is. Perhaps the deer are feasting on our delicacy.

So my bright idea for using morels didn't pan out which was disappointing but the white mushrooms from the grocery store were just fine!

I must say that the tarts are a bit on the fussy side, which I don't mind, but be warned. Believe me, they are worth the added effort. You must "carve" out an area in the puff pasty for the mushroom, gruyere, and asparagus filling. The complete recipe can be found at You will love the blog, it has so many wonderful ideas and inspiration galore! I so appreciate bloggers sharing their recipes!!!

It was seventy degrees here yesterday and today at this very moment it is only 48 degrees, what's up with that?


  1. I must say that I'm thrilled you put up with the fussiness of this recipe -- it was absolutely delicious!!!! It made the perfect afternoon treat on this cold, rainy day. And for the record, I'm also glad that T wasn't interested b/c that meant I got to eat two! Thanks for sharing and we'll see you tomorrow!

  2. What a taste treat. I saw those on her blog, but now I will definately try them. Keep up the great pics!! Love You:)