Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jack In The Pulpit

Every spring I go out in the woods looking for Jack In The Pulpit and this year I hit the jackpot! I have never seen so many of these unique "flowers" in the woods, they are just beautiful!

When I was a little girl, my Mom and Dad would take me to the "Other Place" hunting mushrooms and often we would admire the trillium, May flowers, wild columbine and Jack In The Pulpit! Of course I was always instructed to just admire not pick and now I know why. Leave well enough alone and these beautiful specimens will delight the next generation. I should mention that the "Other Place" is a 40 acre piece of property that belonged to Uncle Alfred and he planted cherry trees on part of it and those trees brought forth much fruit that my family harvested (by hand). My profits went toward school clothes and also in a college fund. My Dad received the 40 acres after my Uncle passed on. The "Other Place" is now home to my husband and I, we have a five acre corner of the original 40 and are absolutely delighted to call it home!

This evening, after I took Mom home from having dinner with us, I spotted a Momma deer and her new little fawn out in the field. How adorable to watch the baby explore and prance around. We actually have two Momma's and two babies to watch, what fun we have in the woods. I am hoping to capture a nice picture of the fawn soon and will share it on the blog for you to enjoy!

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  1. Nice pics! I can't wait to see the baby deer.