Sunday, May 10, 2009

Porch Pillar

My husband treated me to a new porch pillar and I am delighted with it! Our previous porch post was an unpleasant shade of green and it was "squarish", never cared for it.

In last week's Menard's ad I noticed and pointed out to Ben that they had a porch pillar on sale and it was just the ticket! He had a dental appointment in Traverse City and stopped at Menard's on his way home and picked up my dream pillar.

There was quite a bit of work involved to get it in taking down the old post, and part of the porch ceiling. He did just a great job and painted it the perfect color for my liking! A sweet fella' he is and so talented!

It seems good to finally get outside and enjoy working around the yard and in the flower gardens and then admire the new porch pillar!!!


  1. Wow! Wren is really taking care of business. I love the pillar, it really does look nice:)

  2. Love the pillar....seems like Answerman is really on a roll....wonder what project he'll tackle next!! :)