Monday, April 16, 2012

Share The Love!!!

 In the May 2012 issue of Woman's Day Magazine there is an opportunity to enter a contest to win one of 50 plates like the one in this post.
 Thanks to Kitchen-Aid's Pass The Plate Campaign, you can help fight against breast cancer.  As you read recently on my blog, I have a special & dear friend that is battling this awful disease and when I read the article in Woman's Day I decided I would enter the contest to win a plate AND also purchase one outright.
 You can purchase the plate by calling Villeroy & Bach at 1-888-886-8318.  The plate is designed by Jacques Pepin and the purchase price is $24.95 plus shipping.
After you purchase the plate, decide on a yummy recipe and a recipient...I am currently pondering the recipe.
Once your goody is baked and recipient chosen, go online to cookforthecure and register the plate using the number on the back of plate.
Deliver your goody and encourage the recipient to do the same and each time someone registers the plate's number, Kitchen Aid will donate $5.00 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  You can then log on to track your plate's progress as recipients pass it on.

Please consider joining the mission to destroy breast cancer!!!

In October Woman's Day will reveal how much money their readers raised!

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