Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fleece Blanket

 After learning that a dear, dear friend was diagnosed with cancer, my mind went into over-drive...what to do, when to do it, and the list continues to mount.
 A fleece blanket for comfort...that seemed to be a necessary item and I went on a hunt for the "just right" fabric.
 Yellow being her favorite color was the mission and the daffodils on this fleece seemed to be screaming re-birth, perfect!

I purchased two yards of the daffodil print (60"wide) and two yards of the plain yellow/gold backing fleece.
Lay your fabric out on a solid surface, trim edges evenly and pin entire blanket securely.
On each of the four corners, cut out a 4" square.  Next, every inch along the edge you will cut into the fabric 4" you can see in the picture below I made a couple of templates which make cutting much easier and accurate.

Now, onto the tying...I started in each of the corners and tied a double knot two strips in to secure the blanket. Continue the double knots until all strips are tied...remove all pins and after a couple of hours of your time you have a blanket to share with someone!

The blanket was much appreciated!

The prayers continue for this special friend and I would encourage everyone to send up a little prayer as you read this...and I thank you for your time and dedication!

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