Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Favors

It is always a pleasure to make a little something for everyone to take home after a special holiday meal, and Thanksgiving was no exception!

I snapped many photo's but didn't have the best lighting and it is difficult to see that the little plastic tubes are partially lined with a festive scrapbooking paper and then filled with fall candy!

I saw this idea some time ago on a blog and filed it away in my head...waiting for just the right time. Ben found me some fluorescent tubing and cut it to size and then found some electrical "tops" that sealed off the tubes.

I found some ribbon to match the paper and then decided to gather a few acorns from the yard to add a little festive touch. Turkey stickers were placed atop the cap and to round out the idea I used my new paper punch for placecards.


  1. We loved these! You always come up with the best ideas:)

  2. Many thanks for the kind comments...really do appreciate them!