Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin Cake Pops

I must admit that frustration was running through me as the orange candy melts just wouldn't melt...I attempted to melt them just as my handy dandy chocolate melting pot. But, this time, it was a no-go so on to a solution. There Ben & I stood at the kitchen island spreading, with a knife, orange chocolate on the cake balls...tedious to say the least! But, hey...time spent in the kitchen with your spouse of 38 years...a good thing!

The supplies for our Halloween treats had been purchased ahead of time, to be sure this would go off without a hitch...oh my!
I had ordered food writing pens on the internet because I couldn't find them locally and was pretty excited that I would draw faces on the "pumpkin" cake pops. I guess the pen will wait for the next brain-storm!

We "dusted" the so-called pumpkins with halloween sprinkles and added a little green stem on top (a little candy cut in half)...packaged them up and tied with a Trick-Or-Treat ribbon.

Please head over to Bakerella for the recipe!!!

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