Thursday, July 15, 2010

BLT'S With A Twist

When it is too hot to cook, you are hungry and have tomatoes, bacon & asiago bread on hand...a hearty dinner of BLT'S is perfect!

I had purchased the Asiago Bread at the local grocery store and it was just being placed on the shelf by a Stone House Bread delivery fellow!!! Fresh for sure and it is some of the best bread ever!
To make the BLT'S a bit more interesting, I jazzed up the mayonaise (Hellman's, of course) with a little cherry vinaigrette and honey mustard!

So quick & easy!!! The heat & humidity in Michigan has been with us much of the summer and with a meal like this you don't have to crank up the oven!


  1. Stonehouse is so delicious, but you still have to try that no-knead bread recipe! Looks yummy, Mom:)

  2. Good idea with the Hellman's mayo, would really jazz up the spread.