Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lemons & Daisies!

The above picture is from Caribe's birthday and is the only picture that shows two of the lemon & daisy creations...not to mention little Maggie giggling at Aunt Courtney!!!

I had some lemons that needed to be used so thought I would try to make some little containers for a few flowers...Initially I thought of just cutting the top off the lemon and using the whole thing but then decided to cut the lemons in half.

The daisies were picked in our open field and the vine is from the flower garden so this is quite the inexpensive little "table touch". The stems were gently pushed right into the pulp and I did moisten the center of the lemons with water. There were four bouquets down the center of the table and I must say that two days later they still look nice!

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