Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Summer Throwdown!

A few weeks ago Courtney & Matt suggested Summer Throwdowns...that sounded like a nice competitive activity so here we go...
As you can see in the picture above Ben is busy at work on his creation...and let me just say that he chose his recipe thinking he would get the girls votes!

Ben's recipe choice was Deep-Dish Ham Quiche with Herb & Asparagus Salad...the basic recipe came courtesy of Tyler Florence! The quiche was baked in a large springform pan and Ben didn't make his own pastry, instead used Pillsbury ready-made and it didn't fit the pan quite right.

After baking the quiche, Ben prepared the asparagus salad (while the quiche rested for 30 minutes).
The quiche was served in pie shape wedges with the asparagus salad spooned on top.

The recipe can be located on Food Network's website

Ben didn't receive top honor's but the quiche was tasty and was quite the project for him to tackle. Let me just say that there were two large Vidalia onions carmelized that went into the filling along with some very good smoked ham and of course eggs & cream!

The asparagus salad included parmesan, flat leaf parsley, fresh mint, fresh lemon juice, fresh dill and olive oil.

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