Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Chicken Creation

This is yet another chicken dish and Ben & have decided this is a keeper!I had some chicken tenders to use so put my mind to creating something quick & easy.

Above you will see meringue, I read somewhere that spreading meringue on hamburger buns creates a nice touch when placed in a fry pan with a touch of butter. I set the meringue aside while preparing the remainder of my creation.

As you can see, I sliced a few tomatoes, green onions, fresh dill, fresh parsley, dried cherries and had Romaine lettuce ready to go.

Next, I decided to create a sauce...about 1/3 cup Hellman's, with a few shakes of Natalie Robyn's Vinaigrette (cherry) and honey mustard to taste.

Now, I sprinkled Italian Bread Crumbs on the chicken tenders and fried briefly in olive oil. Then I spread the meringue on the hamburger buns and fried quickly and then started assembling.

The special sauce was spread on top of the meringue, then the Romaine, chicken, and all the condiments (I also toasted some walnuts).

The chicken sandwich was served with fresh fruit!

The Cherry Vinaigrette is so tasty and I have mentioned it before...there is an apricot vinaigrette, along with ice cream toppings, oatmeal, etc. Please visit Olsen-Sayles in Frankfort to check out many of the products!

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  1. This looks so yummy, we will have to try it soon!