Friday, February 26, 2010

Shrimp Alfredo

Shrimp happened to be on sale at the local market so it was on the shopping list, thinking I would freeze them for future use. Then I noticed some nice, fresh looking asparagus and knowing full well that Ben loves that veggie I placed a nice bunch in my cart. What to make??? Shrimp Alfredo of course, so off I wandered to the Knorr packets of Alfredo and added that to my collection. I knew there was a package of al dente' Garlic Parsley Fettuccine at home so I was feeling like dinner was clearly in my mind and would be quick and easy! To make the dish diet-friendly I used low-fat milk and just half the butter called for. I washed and cut the asparagus in bite size pieces, then steamed briefly, and rinsed under cold water to stop the cooking progress and maintain the brilliant green color. Putting that aside, I then prepared the sauce according to package directions. To that cooked sauce I added the shrimp and asparagus, and allowed the flavors to come together over low heat. Meanwhile, I added the fettuccine to boiling water and after three brief minutes it was perfectly cooked and then I drained it and tossed to remove excess water. I added about one half the fettuccine to the sauce mixture and tossed lightly. A simple garnish of cilantro (didn't have any parsley) and sliced tomatoes topped off the creation. This was served with a fruit salad, making for a nice dinner!

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