Thursday, April 11, 2013

Egg Cups & Radish Sprouts

 Who knew you could grow radish sprouts without dirt???
 I purchased EB brown eggs and simply cut the tops off and carefully emptied the contents into a bowl (saved for scrambled eggs).  The empty egg shells were cleaned very well & allowed to dry thoroughly.
 Now comes the a few cotton balls into the shells and moisten well with water but don't soak them.  Now sprinkle radish sprouts on top and cover with a damp paper towel (I placed the egg shells into the empty egg carton).  Place the carton near a bright window and keep the paper towel moistened for about two days. 
Remove towel and watch the sprouts appear!
I not only wanted these for each place setting for Easter Dinner but also for cutting the sprouts for salad later.
This is a fun project for little ones since the sprouts appear quickly.

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