Thursday, March 21, 2013

Leprechaun Hunters

This past Sunday was a beautiful sunny day, apparently perfect for hunting Leprechaun's!
First came a text that two young girls were on their way to our house and then came the knock on the door...two sweet little girls asking permission to wander in the woods down by the creek to track Leprechaun's.  
Seems that Lucy googled Leprechaun's and she was prepared...knew what the footprints looked like, etc.  I just love the creativity of children and their love of the out-of-doors!
I asked the girls if I could snap a couple of pictures and then gave them a little treat bag for energy.  The contents you ask...Lucky Charms snack bars and a few Hershey kisses.  Thankfully I had these on hand!
Off they went, happy as could be, to hunt the mighty Leprechaun!
On their return, they had a container with ice pieces that contained a black suspicious substance???  Let your mind wander!

Ben and I sure enjoyed the Sunday afternoon entertainment! 

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