Thursday, May 3, 2012

Turkey Vultures

 These pictures were taken through our kitchen window and are not very clear, nor do they do justice to the size of the turkey vultures.
 It has been about three years since I have seen any of these birds...there were three in this grouping going from tree to tree just looking for their dinner.
 I was taking my Mom home the other day and sure wish I would have had my phone or camera with me...there in her yard was a vulture snacking on an expired opossum...gross for sure!
 We never know what is lurking around our neck of the woods...thankfully I have not been up close and personal with the bear that has been spotted locally.


  1. I was searching for a dried cherry, orange muffin recipe and found your site. After I saw those pictures of the Betsie River, I knew yours is the one to try. I'm sure it will be great. We have a little cabin on the Betsie and I can't wait to get back there. Your tribute to your Dad was something I could relate to. Very niice blog!

  2. I am confident that you will enjoy the muffins, they are moist & flavorful! The Betsie River is beautiful and our area is beginning to come back to life after a mild winter. My Dad was so kind and loving...I never heard him swear...he always had a smile on his face and taught me so much! I am glad you can relate! Thanks for your comment and I invite you to visit the blog often!