Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Poke Cupcakes/Cook For The Cure

 The decision was made with a few questions in mind of the treat I would share on the Cook For The Cure plate...mentioned in an earlier post.
 Cupcakes in a jar was new to me but I decided to press ahead and I am pleased with the decision.
 Intimidated I was but please don't feel discouraged...cooking in glass jars is easy and the end result is pleasing to the palate and eye!
 Poke Cake:

1 box Classic White Cake Mix
Prepare according to box instructions
Fill 4 oz. glass canning jars a little over half full with batter and bake at temperature suggested for 18 minutes and check to see if they are done with a cake tester.
I didn't fill mine quite that full but would the next time.
Cool on a wire rack.
Poke Mixture:
1 small box jello (flavor of your choice)
Add one cup boiling water to the jello and dissolve thoroughly.  Then add one cup cold water and mix well.

With a fork, toothpick, or skewer in hand, start poking holes in the cupcakes.  
Pour jello over the cupcakes gently...you won't use all the jello.
Place cupcakes in fridge for at least three hours.

1 small box instant White Chocolate pudding mix
1 cup milk
1 container cool whip (medium size)
Mix the pudding with milk until completely smooth and thickened.  Now blend in the Cool Whip.
Using a piping bag and tip of your choice, pipe the tasty frosting on your cupcakes.
I made just twelve jars and then 12 cupcakes in liners.

The Cook For A Cure plate is pictured below...I lined it with a doily and then placed the jars on...but first I decorated the jars.  I used linen that I cut in strips and fringed a bit.  I wrapped the strips around each jar securing with double sided tape and then wrapped twine around and tied into a bow.  The finishing touch was...flower shaped buttons that I cut the shank off and then hot-glued onto the bow.

I am so excited to watch the journey of this plate...each time it changes hands, Kitchen Aid donates $5.00 to Susan G. Komen For The Cure!

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