Monday, July 11, 2011

Drink Umbrella's

I love any excuse to do a little about drink umbrella's for the 4th of July? Why not, they are quick and easy and your guests will know you want them to feel special!!!

You could use colored doiley's but I simply chose to paper punch some red and blue paper stock and glue them on each umbrella.

I bought some 1/4" button plugs to place on the top, how cute is that?

Cut a 2" circle pattern and then trace on paper stock and cut out however many you need. I folded the pattern into fourth's so that I could make a mark on the paper stock where I wanted to cut as can be seen in the above photo.
Glue the paper stock to 4" doiley's (you can find these at craft stores).
I used a permanent glue stick for this!
Now, cut thru the doily/card stock to center (as seen in above photo), bend into a cone shape and glue ends together (card stock to the inside).
Hot glue a wooden skewer to the inside of umbrella and allow to dry.
For a finished look, hot glue the little 1/4" button plugs to the top of each umbrella being cautious to not burn your fingers.
If you desire, glue the "dots" or other shapes to the finished umbrella.

These would be adorable for baby/bridal showers...the possibilities are endless.

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