Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Centerpiece

The above picture was snapped before the table was set for the July 4th celebration!

I so look forward to holiday's so that I can set a festive table...

The centerpiece was fun to create and not terribly expensive, which is always a bonus!

I had not made pinwheels in years and with all the scrapping supplies on the market today, making a final decision could prove to be time consuming (the choice of papers is amazing).

I opted to make large and small pinwheels for variety!

I purchased and spray painted a 7" clay pot and saucer blue and also painted dowels in red, white, and blue.
Cut the dowels in graduated sizes to suit your fancy and place a pencil eraser on the top end of each.
Google search a pattern for the pinwheel and then trace the pattern on your desired scrap book paper. Cut out and use a straight pin to secure the pinwheel and then push the pin through the eraser to secure and bend the pin downward. Tie a festive ribbon around the dowel for added decor'.

At your local florist (Victoria's) purchase your choice of flowers...I chose 1 dozen red carnations and 8 large white spider mums. I ended up using 9 carnations and 6 mums (the extra flowers went into a wall arrangement in the bathroom~don't you think the bathroom needs a little holiday flair?)

Place wet oasis in the bottom of the clay pot and with the carnations (cut the stems down to about two inches or so) and start inserting into the oasis around the edge of the pot. Next, cut the stems of the mums about 4 inches or so and insert them into the oasis around the interior of the pot.
Finally, place the pinwheels into the oasis, being careful not to disturb the flowers.

Have fun with this idea~

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