Thursday, March 3, 2011

Remembering Joe and Frances

Please let me introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Joe (Frances) Dunn!
A beautiful couple with hearts of gold!
The above photo was taken by Ben back in 2007 when he was out in California on business. Ben and Joe met through business endeavors and my dream was to one day meet this lovely couple in person. Until then, I chose to correspond
with the Dunn's via snail mail and telephone. Frances and I discovered that we
shared the same birthday and that formed a special bond between us.
Sadly, Frances passed on a few years ago and Joe was determined to continue working at his office and each week he placed a yellow flower at his beloved's resting place.
And speaking of flowers...
this bouquet arrived at my door one day from Joe just because and the tears flowed freely...I called to thank him but really wanted to give him a big hug! Such a sweet man!

The above photo exemplifies their admiration for one another, they loved one another deeply! And they loved their dear family as well!
This photo was taken when Ben visited Joe about a year ago.

After Frances passed on, a package arrived at our home from Joe, containing these precious choir angels that he and Frances purchased in Mexico. I shall treasure them forever and they are a beautiful reminder of Joe and Frances! The two of them are now singing together once again!

Here we have Joe, a proud and happy great grandfather and the boys are surely showing their love of Grandpa Dunn!

This past Friday, February 25, 2011, Joe was called home...I am sure that Frances was waiting with arms stretched wide to welcome him and he no doubt presented her with a yellow flower! Their reunion is blessed with love and they have left a wonderful legacy to their family and friends.

We truly were blessed to share a friendship with Joe & Frances and we offer our love, thoughts, and prayers to the Dunn family! May memories serve to comfort you and please know we loved your Mom & Dad!

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