Thursday, March 31, 2011

Early Morning Deer Sighting

Feeding the deer is no longer legal in our neck of the woods so we are not seeing as many deer as in years past.
We used to feed them corn in a large barrel during the winter months and had a tree near the feeding station that was illuminated with clear Christmas was so much fun to watch the herd gather in the evening and eat their fill and drain our pocketbooks in the process! A group of 15-30 deer per evening can consume a lot of corn!

When I spotted these deer and grabbed the camera it occurred to me that the pictures would not be great due to the early morning fog but I hope you can see them just the same.

There were actually five deer and if you look closely you will probably be able to see four of them...two are standing and between them there are two lying down. The fifth deer is just inside the woods directly behind the deer to the right.

Please look almost in the center of this picture and you can see one of the deer walking away from where I was standing!

Living in the woods never ceases to amaze me!!!

And by the way, this was taken two mornings ago and check the amount of snow...BUT, today it is melting and I have washed some windows and taken the Christmas lights off the ornamental cherry tree!!!

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