Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Ole' Ford Tractor-Oh the memories!

This Ford tractor has been around for many years...it was first Uncle Alfred's pride and joy, making his farming a bit easier. He gardened and also had a cherry orchard to care for. The orchard was located where we live now. His nephew, my Dad, inherited the tractor and it became his loyal friend! Dad plowed in the winter with it, making shoveling not quite as difficult for Mom & I ! In the summer the ole' Ford assisted Dad with one of the finest gardens around. We lived on M-22 just south of Elberta and the garden was right near the road where everyone could admire it and that they did. My Dad passed on back in September 1998 (9/8/98) and the tractor now resides at our place...part of why Ben needed a new barn to put it in. As you can see, Courtney decided she needed to take the Ford for a ride and she and Ben had a good time! One memory that never seems to fade away regarding myself and the tractor took place when I was a young girl (old enough to know better)...I was behind the wheel and nearly ran over our dog. Thankfully the dog was brighter than me and he scooted away in a hurry. Ben still plows with the tractor in the winter and in the summer he rigs up the bush hog and mows the field. Happy Memories, indeed!

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