Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Egg Hearts!!!

Ben is out in San Diego on business for several days so I have not been cooking much. I decided last evening that breakfast for dinner sounded good so decided to use my little heart shaped egg cookers! They are made of a silcone material and were purchased at Crystal Crate and Cargo in Beulah, Michigan. They are clever for sure and easy to use. Just place the heart in a pan with a little butter and crack the egg right in the center and when the egg has cooked just use the "lifter" to remove the silicone heart. I placed a lid on the pan to make sure the heat cooked the egg thoroughly. These little gadgets are only $4.oo and what a nice little surprise for a special occasion breakfast/brunch! The cranberry pecan bread pictured is a favorite at our household and it can be purchased at local grocery stores or directly from the Pleasonton Bakery in Traverse City, Michigan. I happened to have some turkey bacon on hand and for a low calorie bacon it is pretty good! My choice of fruit was raspberries and sliced strawberries topped with a little yogurt ~ then sprinkled with a few toasted pecans.

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