Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cookie Tutorial by Coco

What better way to spend a Saturday than with friends and family learning the technique of frosting cookies with modified royal icing? Courtney, of Coco is cooking , was our instructor and she made the frosting ahead of time and then showed us how to pipe it on around the cookie. Then she thinned the mixture to "flood" the cookie and made it all look so simple. We all enjoyed this time of learning and now will try and perfect the technique on our own. Edie, Sarah, Caribe, Courtney & I had a great time working, visiting and eating (and not just cookies, we had a nice lunch with Courtney's famous chicken salad, Edie's special dips and crackers, and Sarah provided drinks and croissants and Dale prepared fruit salad). We all decided we should get together again for a cooking class...can't wait! Please visit Courtney's blog (highlighted above) for the royal icing recipe.

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  1. Thanks for hosting!! We had such a fun day and we'll definitely have to do it again:)