Sunday, July 28, 2013

Frankfort's Annual Street Sale

 Olsen-Sayles was the place to be yesterday if you wanted to have a little home-town fun!!!
 The weather was not ideal for a street sale, unless however you enjoy a cold, drizzly rainy day! 
The Olsen-Sayles gals put a smile on and had a good time as the above video shows...
There is a little story behind the video...we were setting up our tables out on the street and trying to keep them dry by using kitchen towels and ringing them out...when along came two kind gentlemen and asked where our squeegee was and our reply was we don't have one.  They purchased an item from us and then went on down the street.  A few minutes later they were back with a new squeegee from Frankfort Hardware for us.  We had never seen them before but we shall never forget their kindness and generosity.
Tina got right to work with her new favorite tool on a rainy day!!!  
What a great day we had and we thank not only the two men but also everyone that braved the inclement weather and supported the Frankfort Businesses!

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