Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baking Powder Biscuits

 My Grandma Bessie was the Biscuit Lady in our community for years...she made biscuits by the dozens for local Church's!  I have her original recipe and watched her make them many times and felt like I had perfected her technique!

 Recently I made a batch of biscuits, for strawberry shortcake, and they just were not right...I checked the date on the baking powder and it was good until December but I was convinced it wasn't fresh.  I went on a hunt to find a baking powder with a better seal and I stumbled upon Bakewell and as you can see the can has an old-fashioned metal sealed lid.
I am a believer of the Bakewell Baking Powder and the biscuits were light and fluffy!!!
I would guess that Grandma Bessie used baking powder in a similar styled can with metal lid that actually seals well!
Wish I could serve Grandma Bessie one of these biscuits...she would love a strawberry shortcake with fresh cream from the milkman...not whipped, of course.
Thanks for all the memories Grandma Bessie and I love you and we will meet up again one day!!!

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