Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Acorn Treats

If you are looking for a cute little edible favor for Thanksgiving, you may want to consider these Acorn Treats!

Did I mention they are quick and easy to prepare?

I just couldn't resist taking a photo of the squirrel towel along with the acorn treats~

Acorn Treats:

1 bag of Nutter Butter Bites
Chocolate Kisses
Milk chocolate chips

That's it for the ingredients!

Melt a half bag of milk chocolate chips and "glue" a kiss to each Nutter Butter Bite

When that is finished, "glue" a chocolate chip to the other end and allow to dry

That is it, you are finished~

Happy Fall Everyone!


  1. Dale, I absolutely love your blog, I have tried many of the recipes and the pictures are so inspiring. Thanks for all your hard work!
    Chris Anderson

  2. Thank you, Chris! Your comments are inspiring to me and I appreciate them!!!