Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Perfectly Beautiful Pink Poppies!

When I glanced out our window at the flower garden this morning I was delighted to see the poppies had opened completely! As you can see, they are the most beautiful pink color and are huge! I believe I planted the poppy plant three years ago and the first year I wasn't sure if the plant would survive but it did and by year two it put on quite a nice display! And this year the plant has exceeded my expectations it is just simply gorgeous!

Today was a perfect day for the poppies to bloom, reminding me that after a long winter we are greeted with rebirth...much like the life of Roger Johnson that we celebrated today. He was diagnosed seven weeks ago with pancreatic cancer and passed on last Friday, the 12th day of June. He now has been given new life and for that we are happy. He was a neighbor of ours and he and his wife Barbara have a daughter Andrea about the same age of our two daughters and they were best friends growing up on Sunset Drive. Oh the fun they had and Roger and Barbara were just like second parents to our girls and we are grateful for their many acts of kindness and all the memories we hold dear!

Life is indeed precious, let us all enjoy each day to the fullest! Where we see need let us do a kind deed!


  1. The pics are gorgeous!! What a nice tribute to Mr. J, even though I always think of him as Robin. &#9786

  2. I'm glad to hear that your poppies got off to a rough start seeing that I thought I had done something awful to mine! Mine did not bloom at all last year, but this year there are 2 beautiful blooms - the same color as yours actually! Gives me something more to look forward to for next year.
    I agree with Coco....what nice words about Mr. J. Did you know that he introduced Andrea & I to the decidedly unsophisticated world of Hot & Now burgers?