Monday, March 30, 2009

Mom's 89th Birthday

Mom recently celebrated her 89th birthday and our family is blessed to have her with us and she is in good health and a busy, busy lady! We enjoyed a family get-together for her special day but I thought perhaps her friends would enjoy a little treat at their weekly card playing day (they play a card game called golf). The cake I chose to prepare was carrot and that always seems to be a moist and popular cake for most people. The frosting was cream cheese based and the cute little snowman just tickled my fancy! I made a carrot cake cupcake and then built a snowman with two different sized powdered sugar doughnuts and also a donut hole. Frosting was used to attach the pieces to the cupcake and then I topped it off with novelty snowman head. The little fellow needed arms to hold the Happy Birthday Sissy pendant so I treked out in the woods and found just the perfect branches! I built up a little snowdrift around the cupcake when I attached it to the cake to make it look more realistic. To top it off, edible white glitter was sprinkled over all! Mom and her friends enjoyed the surprise and I was honored to create the special treat!


  1. The cake was very good and a surprise , I shoud'nt have been because you are full of surprises--I kept the snow man, he was so cute---

  2. I'm so proud of you!! The blog looks so cute and I love the snowman idea:)