Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dream big!

In the economic downturn we currently are experiencing it seems like a good idea to dream big! My inspiration was a wool-felt heart on which I hand stitched Dream with pale blue DMC floss and also added some glass beads in the same color. I then blanket-stitched the Dream piece onto a pale blue cotton fabric which seemed to add a little depth! I chose a pretty piece of blue calico fabric and cut out two heart shaped pieces, then went to the ribbon drawer and there was the perfect burgundy compliment sheer piece of ribbon for hanging. I placed the ribbon in between the two calico pieces and sewed together, leaving a space for turning. After stuffing with polyfil, I blindstitched the opening. What an inspirational uplift on any peg or doorknob, reminding us to dream big and keep the faith!

1 comment:

  1. Your mini-pillow is so cute! I especially love the tinsel trim, it really taches (is that a word)it off:)