Monday, May 16, 2011

Nature Walk With Coco!

Please note that this post is entitled Nature Walk...what Coco and I were really doing is looking for the mighty Morel!
The fiddleheads pictured above are edible and that is as close to a morel as we got on Sunday (except for the leeks).

If you look closely behind the rock (to the left) you hopefully will be able to see water...this little creek was near and dear to my heart as a child. There was a cherry orchard on the property and our family picked cherries every summer and when lunch time arrived, we walked down to the creek and had a drink of the coldest and best water ever!


Here we have some wild leeks that I pulled...hopefully I can find a recipe that appeals to me to use some of these fragrant leeks!

Not a mushroom:(

The positive news...Coco and I had a great walk and visit in the woods!!!

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