Friday, February 4, 2011

New Kitchen Gadgets

I just love kitchen gadgets, especially ones that make my "job" easier or more efficient!

On the left there are three magnetic tools (two shredders and a peeler) by Progressive and purchased at SurlaTable. We eat a lot of salad so those gadgets get a lot of them!

Next to the magnetic tools on the left is a Zyliss ergonomic peeler that you could use all day...fits even a small hand, like mine, nicely.
Then the purple ceramic knife, oh my! It is sharp and love the cover! It is by Kuhn Rikon and is a must have!
The purple turner is by OXO and they always have great products and this is no exception...perfect size to turn all those Valentine cookies!
Lastly, the multi-colored small whisk is also a product of Kuhn Rikon and first of all it is adorable but most importantly it is a perfect size for many tasks in the kitchen!
Many thanks to Caribe for the last four kitchen gadgets!


  1. Aren't those just so fun and colorful? Love it!

    Thank you so very much for stopping by to check out our Conversation Heart Cookies. ! Just wanted to let you know I edited the frosting recipe to omit the cocoa powder. My Mama caught this one for me. We add in the cocoa powder when we're making chocolate frosting. it's delicious!

    Hope you have fun making Valentine treats with your daughter this weekend!

    Thanks again, and Happy Friday to ya!


  2. Thanks, Holly for the frosting info! So kind of you to visit my blog and have a great weekend!