Monday, September 6, 2010

Morning Glory

This is a little volunteer Morning Glory that made me smile today!

I just love the vibrant purple color of this beauty...with today being Labor Day and the temperatures are dropping it won't be long and the landscape will be golds, rusts, reds, and oranges...ushering in that beautiful season called Fall!

With that in mind, guess it is nearly time to unpack the sweaters! Truly a beautiful time of the year!!!



  1. Yes fall is arriving very quickly. But we sure had one of our better summers.

  2. Oh I love this time of year, rain, wind and all that comes along with it.

    Question: Why did your mom cut down all the trees?

  3. Iris,
    Mom's trees were dying and with all the wind the past few weeks she decided to get rid of them. They were diseased and the one out on the southeast corner of the garage has steel rods growing in the remaining should take a look! Hope you are enjoying fall!