Saturday, July 11, 2009

Power Washer A Hit!

I just arrived home from a little grocery shopping trip with Mom along with a side trip to McDonald's for a coffee treat, compliments of Mom and what do I hear when opening our door???? A strange noise, one I had not heard before...and there was Ben power washing the deck!!!

Ben is difficult to buy for as he likes the really expensive toys but I went off on a limb for his recent birthday and purchased him a power washer that was on sale. Actually Tyler (our son-in-law) picked it up for me at Target:) Many-a gift have found their way to the back of the closet never to be seen again so I am simply thrilled that this particular gift will be used.

And please note the Shimano shoes he is wearing!!! Compliments of Matt and Courtney and they will be happy to see that the shoes are a hit also (and not just for fishing/boating).

Ben also received, from Tyler and Caribe, a beautiful pizza cooker for the grill and he is anxious to try that also. I guess he is waiting for me to make some pizza dough, I'll have to get that recipe from Coco. I will post the pizza at a later date, please stay tuned!!!


  1. Here's a deal for you: You let us know when the pizza will be served and we'll bring a cherry dessert!
    Great pics of Wren - he's a real character! I'm glad he's finally using something...who knows, maybe the ice cream maker will be next :)

  2. Great to know he received a gift that will keep on giving! At least every few months when the deck needs cleaning.